Top 10 Advantages of Having a Smart Watch You Should Consider

How many times have you heard people saying smartwatches is a waste. Regrettably, those who say is surely don't comprehend how worthwhile a smart watch is and how useful it can be.

I believe, there are two types of people in the world who would be analyzing this blog post. One person, would think this is a waste of time and money and another person, would be curious to want to know more about the advantages of smartwatch prior to making up their mind to buying one.

You don't have to take it from me, but I'm quite sure you will get good knowledge of smart watches and the many features that they serve.

The Top 10 advantages of smart watch

1. Contrary to aged watches, you can simple tell time and view other features.

Several people prefer just wearing a watch. The essential purpose of it is to both telling time or reflecting the traditional sixth sense.

Beyond doubt, smart watch is design to show time. Some have very stylish outlook and all of them come with clever aspects that is not convenient in everyday watch.

In my point of view, smart watch is the smartest alternative for your ordinary watch.

The cost is affordable, and can vary depending on the smart watch extra features and considerably, for being aware of change in technology, why would you consider anything more than that!

2. The best travel companion sitting on your wrist

Paul Lamkin, an analyst at Forbes said:

You | Smartwatch | who have more knowledge about what you need than you do. 

There are no other way to say how you would need it during traveling. Such as, if you ever feel depressed, the smart watch can immediately detect your pulse rate and calm you out with a fast soothing video on it.

If you are ever walking or taking a taxi, you can track every step-by-step or mile, not sure where you are, get direction using GPS over the watch. There are in addition extra features that proved to assist a lot in the time of traveling.

 3. Searching for Phone, key or any device is more easier

Seemingly, that we forget where we left our cellphone or keys. Often times, you're gritting your teeth to remember where it is. 

You can reduce any unwanted stress in a smart way by using smartwatch!

Most smart watches have a "Phone Finder" feature. You can sync your phone or any device with it and you will be able to call it through your smartwatch every time you need too. 

 4. Works as a great fitness tracker

Many smartwatches have health tracker as a core feature. It will assist you to keep up with your health goals. So if you are health conscious and ever thinking of taking a health tracker or a pedometer, you can change it with a properly smart watch.

What a smart watch is capable of doing? It can count your steps, distance, calories, coronary heart rate, pulse rate, sleep monitoring and some other incredible functions you would need. We recently reviewed SD01/02 Brilliant Fitness Tracker and I am certain a similar smartwatch can offer you the same.  


5. Reply to SMS, receive calls instantly

If you wear a smart watch on your wrist, you would no longer need to have the cellphone in your hand. Which also adds security of not having your phone stolen. You can acquire calls or reply to SMS while on the GO. The smartwatch is on your wrist so you will need not now more than a few seconds to answer or reply.

Some watches have voice support feature. You will be extra instantaneous with it activated to utilize your voice into commands.

 6. Your notification blinks in the smart watch

What person doesn’t want to see Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SnapChat or other social notifications right on his wrist? 

This is one of the smartest notice that you will get your notification in real-time through pop-up on the watch. A smart watch is designed to be aware of how vital notifications are. It shows present updates you have make it essential for you to reply in the fastest viable time. 

7. You are even connected while doing running errands

When you are running, cycling, swimming, walking or any activity, you might be curious to view your messages, return calls or check notifications. It is not necessary that you take your phone with you while coordinating your activities. This is where the smart watch makes its convenient debut.

You are given that mobility and freedom to maintain a device on your wrist whenever and wherever you are going. Beyond doubt, few alternatives are given to you to reply to notifications. If you are under water? Not a problem! Ritzy SD01/02 Brilliant Smartwatch got a waterproof rating of IP65 meters underneath water.

It is aware of you betetr than any device. What more can you anticipate from it?

8. It keeps you connected much longer than your phone

 You maybe wondering from the very first time, why would you need a smart watch while you have a good smartphone?

Get that concept out of your mind because some smart watches are no incredibly powerful in battery backup area that you could not even imagine.

Planning a long trip? The LEMFO Fine Steel smartwatch can surely keep your connected during your trip up to 10 - 15 day in a single full charge.

9. Your entertainment is on the wrist

Picture you are walking along one day and surprisingly you prefer to watch a Youtude? You are simple one or two click away from playing Youtube on your smart watch. 

You can watch videos, play music on the go. The satisfactory component is that it is on your wrist, so no fear of falling and now not even required to keep on your hand like you would do with your phone. The best part about this is, you risk in dropping your phone. 

Are you now sold with the advantages?

If you have not used any smart watch yet, the post must have sounded appealing. From my experience what I can say is, if you are a fan of mobility and ease of use, there is nothing better than a smart watch in term of being connected.

If you are now sold with knowing the advantages, I’d advice you to test which smart watch is ideal for you and your specific needs. Having had the pleasure in owning a smart watch, if you are the person who are constantly on the go, full of activities, and lastly tasks, then there is nothing greater than a smart watch in style of being connected. 

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